Utilizing Canva.com for graphic designs

Canva.com is a great, and user friendly, resource for creating engaging graphics! It would be a great benefit for school clubs and extracurricular activities in order to create personalized designs for their groups.  Students could also benefit from using the program to create class assignments. Department of (1)“How-to” of using Canva.com:

A great feature of Canva is that you can search Canvas created by other users so that you’re not trying to “re-invent the wheel” for popular concepts. In saying that, I found a great Quick Guide to Canva – created by @hannah.

Beginning to use Canva is as simple as going to the website (Canva.com) and signing up. You can even link Canva with your Facebook page or Google+ so that you can share automatically to those places.

Once logged in, you have the options of choosing from multiple categories to create a design. This is useful to determine where you would like to post the design you create. Some options available are: Social Media, Facebook Cover, Poster, etc.

Choose a category and start designing! Canva has several free options to choose from for background pictures and layouts, as well as, several designs that can be purchased at the end of the design creation. The design above was created utilizing free options. There is also a “Stream” function to where you can view designs created by other users.

Canva offers a “Design School” that utilizes a blog, tutorials, teaching materials, and workshops to assist users in developing their skills and utilizing the program to the fullest. Under this tab is where I found the Quick Guide that @hannah had posted for other users.

Teachers can benefit from the already created lesson plans to discover what has worked for other educators and to discover creative new ways to have students create their learning.


One thought on “Utilizing Canva.com for graphic designs

  1. Thanks for sharing Amanda! I will try this for quick posters. We are excited that you will still be connected to our campus.


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