Professional and (Digital) Learning in Lufkin

kidscodeMonths ago, Lufkin ISD’s department of professional and digital learning began it’s journey and I am so proud of the small strides that we’ve made. It’s not everyday that one gets to develop a department and multiple initiatives from ground zero and although we have our challenges, it has been pretty exciting to see small changes garner great results in such a short time.

We are incredibly lucky to have a Superintendent who is willing to jump right in and lead our digital transition through active leadership. By incorporating our Google Apps and other tools into the work of leadership, she is modeling how the use of digital tools can facilitate meaningful collaboration and communication much more effectively.


It’s also been amazing to see our district curriculum specialist working with teachers from multiple campuses to utilize Google Drive shared folders for lesson plan collaboration and effective feedback! It’s amazing how much of a difference can be made when teachers understand the power of immediate access and connectivity!

Photo by: Dr. Amanda Smith
Photo by: Dr. Amanda Smith

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to share two global initiatives with Dunbar Primary, The Global Read Aloud and Hour of Code. Teachers were challenged to connect with another teacher and classroom outside of Lufkin and they definitely took that challenge to heart. On Monday, we’ll have a teacher participating in her first mystery skype with a classroom from another state and we are incredibly excited!

On the Horizon

In the last few days, we’ve connected our district with several of the ConnectEd opportunities made available through the White House Initiative to provide high speed access, quality content and professional development to all K-12 schools. Moments after sending our teachers instructions on creating their Prezi Edu Pro accounts, my mail box started to sing with teachers responding with excitement! A few days ago, I met with our Middle School technology teachers and ironically, they asked for Adobe products at their school. Through ConnectEd, we’re not just getting them for one school but all of them!

Oh Yes…Professional Learning!

We’ve been working like crazy as a department to support digital learning across the district but professional learning is much more than about devices and as a connected educator, it is extremely important to me that the standards that we create and follow for teacher learning empower connectedness, personalization and effective collaboration of people, processes and pedagogy.

You’ll start to hear more about this in the weeks ahead!

Until then…connect, share and make everyday a chance to explore new horizons!

Rafranz Davis
Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning
Lufkin ISD

One more thing…

Kudos to Dunbar Primary Principal Dorinda Wade for not only starting our first primary coding club on her campus but for also learning to code herself! Amazing!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.18.33 PM


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