Google Classroom at LMS!


In the past, Lufkin Middle School (LMS) has utilized various programs in order to warehouse and access teacher lesson plans. With the introduction of Google Classroom for teacher use this school year (15-16), the Associate Principal, Charlotte Davis, has set a precedence for teacher and administrator collaboration. All administrators are “teachers” of the Google classroom and can access the lesson plans submitted weekly by teachers. This leads to ease of access while completing walk throughs and submitting reports.

Mrs. Davis created a Google classroom that approximately 120 teachers have joined and set “assignments” for teachers to turn in weekly lesson plans throughout the year. Tricia Durham, 6th grade math, was excited about the ease of use of this system! Tricia stated, “This was very simple to use. You just sign in, upload it, and you’re done. You can also check back to make sure you turned it in for when you forget whether you sent it or not”.

The setup of the Google Classroom allows for teachers to upload multiple files or one common file. The files can be stored on a teacher computer or uploaded from Google Drive. Some teachers are utilizing Google docs to collaborate on one lesson plan template then uploading the one file for all teachers. This is helping with accountability and encouraging team work.

Contact our department for more information on utilizing Google Classroom for your campus or classroom!


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