Flipping the District Grade Level Reading Meetings

slack teacher2                        slack teacher

Pictured: Elizabeth Ramirez, Slack 4th grade

Julie Madden, District 2nd-5th grade ELAR curriculum specialist, flipped her District Reading Meetings this week for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. She emailed information to the teachers in advance, and asked them to bring examples of helpful strategies with them to the meetings. She then put the teachers in mixed groups from different campuses.

According to Julie, “It is important for teachers to come together and share strategies and lessons, which have resulted in student success.  This allows teachers to hear about new ways to present engaging lessons, activities, support one another, and reflect upon their practice”.


This allowed teachers to discuss how they each approached topics and what seemed to engage the students the best. Teachers were excited to share and felt they benefitted greatly from listening to each other. Connie Burkett, Anderson 5th grade, stated that “It was very beneficial to me to be able to share ideas that other campuses are doing and learn from them because I am new to 5th grade”.


The meetings also gave teachers a chance to build each other up. Mrs. Freisen gave a rousing speech about what amazing skills she saw in students who attended summer school. She emphasized that she knew teachers in the district were working hard to teach students the necessary skills they need to be successful in life. Other teachers thanked her for telling them that and that it made them feel inspired.
Overall, teachers found the flipped meeting format to be very helpful to their professional growth and greatly enjoyed learning from each other in that format!


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