Digital Ambassadors Challenge 2: Share What Inspires You Through Interactivity

Last week, we challenged our digital ambassadors to share what inspires them utilizing multiple forms of media. Their tool of the week to learn about was Thinglink, an interactive tool that allows users to layer text, imagery, audio, video and anything that links to the web on an image. The free version had its limitations but our teachers were still able to find multiple ways of thinking about sharing and were quite creative in doing so.

Not everyone chose to use Thinglink. Some teachers chose to use Prezi and that was amazing too!

Below is a collection of creations from our teachers. View creations by hovering over the image below.

Curation (Gathering content) and Interactive Media in the Classroom

Creating and curating content is certainly a skill that we want our students to have. As teachers, we can use curation to present information to kids in alternative ways. For our students, we call this research and source gathering, which we have been doing for years. Taking those sources and creating original products is one of the Texas Technology Application TEKS that appears starting in grades K-2.

You can also view all teacher creations via our pinterest collection below…


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