Utilizing Plickers.com for student engagement!

Plickers.com is a free website that allows teachers to check for understanding quickly and easily without the need for students to have devices. The teacher is the only individual that needs a device (iphone, ipad, tablet, etc). The teacher creates a class and creates multiple choice questions on plickers.com. Then the students are given cards with an A, B, C, and D printed on edges of the card. The student decides what the answer choice is and holds the card up for the teacher to scan with the device. Results are instantaneous and allows for a quick and easy comprehension check. If the teacher chooses to, the results can be shown using a projector for the class to view. The right answer can be given or the teacher can choose to have a chart show who got it right and who got it wrong without the right answer being given.

In order to use plickers, teachers print out “plicker cards”. There are five sets of cards to choose from in order to meet various classroom needs. The “Standard” card set comes with 40 cards and would meet the needs of most teachers.  All cards are free! I recommend printing the cards on cardstock and NOT laminating them. The laminating film makes it difficult for the scanner to read the card. Students also have to be careful not to bend the cards because the reader will be less effective in scanning the card.

I utilized Plickers in my classroom for multiple reading assignments for comprehension checks. My students loved it and loved being able to be the “teacher” and use my iPad to scan the other students. It also made the students pay attention because they had to be aware of which way they were holding the card. It was also easier for me to be able to control the questions from my device and not have to be at my computer. I was able to walk around the room as students were deciding their answers.

Plickers is a wonderful resource for the technology deficient classroom that allows students to be engaged and see their data as it is happening.


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